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Parents . Mother and child

Parents in distress

Supportive psychotherapy for parents who may be overwhelmed by young people experiencing mental health difficulties. Compassionate listening and guidance for parents, carers and family members supporting a young person with their mental health and wellbeing.
Sometimes, I suggest that we hold a space with your child, after working with you to understand more of what has arisen in the family.
I am child and adolescent UKCP accredited and understand that this can be a really worrying time.

Parent infant psychotherapy

Supporting parents who struggle with the demands of a new baby. Working in a non-judgmental way, listening and exploring thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment where parents can get to know and understand their emotional responses and their baby better. The ability to respond to the needs of both mother and baby is crucial, and with short term sessions this approach can be uniquely helpful. Fathers are encouraged to participate in sessions wherever possible.
Supported by the watch, wait and wonder training programme through OXPIP an oxford based parent infant project, and my qualifications as an adult and child psychotherapist there is a unique opportunity to explore ghosts in the nursery, pre and post natal anxiety and depression, and to provide sensitive support at this most vulnerable time.

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