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Complex trauma and dissociation. Mountains Super Hero Image

Complex trauma and dissociative disorders including DID.

A belief in inherent good health, and a core of sanity is the starting point for my work with people who have or are experiencing trauma. Having worked in the area of significant psychological trauma in the NHS, and with women and girl's in the field of rape crisis and childhood sexual abuse, my practice is now underpinned both by a spiritual approach to the work , and by research in the field by Valerie Sinason, Jo Ringrose, Janine Fisher, Harvey Schwartz, Bessell Van Der Kolk and others. I hold a certificate in working with sexual violence and have up to date advanced training in working therapeutically with complex trauma and dissociation through ESTD ( European Society for trauma and dissociation).

Neuroscience supports the way that I work with mindfulness in bringing the reflective part of the brain back online after a traumatic event.

Working with trauma and dissociation issues safely will include getting to know you before starting to explore the difficulties. In some circumstances I may use assessment tools such as the SDQ-20,DES, or SCID-D. An important part of the work will be stabilisation, containment and resourcing to enable you to hold ground with strong emotions, manage anxiety, and process sadness and anger. The work will commence at a slow pace and is not expected to be short term. The treatment model is three phase to enable stabilisation, reprocessing of memories, and an agreed aim to work towards integration, or co-consciousness. We may benefit from working twice a week during the middle part of the therapy.

If you are experiencing severe dissociation it may be appropriate for a partner, friend, or family member to attend for a session to enable a greater understanding of what is happening for you.

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